Fethi Mansouri


Identifying and filling racism data gaps in Victoria: a stocktake review

Victoria has increasingly recognised and condemned racism, seeking to create strategies to reduce racism and ensure justice, wellbeing and equality through anti-racism initiatives. This report discusses a stocktake review of racism data, which organises the body of existing data, identifies gaps in data collection, analysis...
Journal article

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on delivery of services to CALD communities in Australia

This policy briefing paper is presented as part of an Australian Research Linkage Project on mapping social services in multicultural communities, where one of its key objectives is to understand the experiences of service delivery and provision modes to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

Intergenerational relations in newly-arrived communities in Victoria: a pilot study report

This study examines the nature of relations between parents and adolescents in newly-arrived migrant communities in Victoria as they negotiate the challenges of migration, settlement and integration.
Conference paper

Intercultural harmony and understanding in the city of Whittlesea

This paper is focused on the discourse of social harmony and intercultural understanding within local governance that is central to managing ethnic and religious diversity and the tolerance of dissent in countries with white majority cultures.

The impact of racism upon the health and wellbeing of young Australians 2009

This report explores the attitudes of Australian youth in relation to key issues in contemporary race relations, such as cultural diversity, tolerance and privilege.