Nicholas Stevens

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Enhanced policy outcomes and community consultation through the accurate visualisation of complex urban systems

This study explores the use of system thinking design approaches to assist in the scoping and analyses of complex urban issues. The authors argue that these methods help establish more rigorous insights and offer a design methodology for more precise digital renders and 3D visualisations.
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New ways to model cities as complex systems

Cities are complex systems and the ways in which we consider and conceive them requires disruption. This disruption is not technological, but methodological – providing new ways to understand and explore their structure, composition and potential.
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The size of the Australian dream and the 4S lifestyle factors of home

With some of the largest dwelling sizes in the world, Australia can be considered a ‘lucky country’ in terms of housing. This paper investigates influences on growth in dwelling size from colonial settlement to contemporary times. A critical review of the literature shows that influences...
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Understanding the Australian airport metropolis

In Australia, the role, scale and meaning of major urban airports have changed over the past decade as a result of corporate and economic transformations. Modern airports are very different from traditional airports as they emerge as important sub-regional activity centres. As a result of...