Robert Freestone

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Professionalising planning

The roles of planning and planners were remade in Australia in the 1930s. In Sydney, frustration at governmental inaction on practical progress and recognition that the longstanding Town Planning Association had fallen out of touch with best practice led to moves to establish a technical...
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The rise of the Australian university city campus: RMIT and transformative design in Melbourne's CBD

In land use, design and development terms the modern university in Australia is a fixture in all urban environments including central business districts, inner city, middle ring, outer suburbs, and regional towns. The predominant spatial pattern in the university expansion era of the late 1950s...
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The evolution of design excellence policy in the planning of central Sydney 2000-2016

We provide here an overview of the operation and outcomes of the competitive design policy to date within the central business district. While stopping short of a comprehensive evaluation, the tracking though of the policy as it has evolved in practice identifies two key operational...
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Adaptive master planning

The University of New South Wales was, along with the Australian National University, one of the first post-war greenfield campuses. Located in the south-east Sydney suburb of Kensington, a stable long–term vision for site planning was hampered by a constrained site which expanded incrementally. Design...
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Pursuing design excellence in a global CBD

This study injects urban design into global city discourse which frequently brushes over the micro-production of the built environment. Yet at this scale, the adaptation of design strategies and controls as a neoliberalist policy tools to shape a global city becomes apparent. The study focuses...