Gethin Davison


Improving outcomes for apartment residents and neighbourhoods

This research investigates the experiences of lower-income apartment residents in relation to planning and infrastructure provision; urban design; building design and management; neighbourhood amenities and facilities; and ongoing place management and community engagement so as to improve wellbeing, community and housing affordability outcomes.
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Can Australian governments steer ‘just intensification’? Evaluating Victorian affordable housing policy

Over the past two decades, Australian planning policies have supported largely unregulated land speculation and gentrification in relatively well served inner and middle suburbs, leading to displacement of low and moderate income households and growing spatial inequalities. The current Victorian state government signalled a new...
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The evolution of design excellence policy in the planning of central Sydney 2000-2016

We provide here an overview of the operation and outcomes of the competitive design policy to date within the central business district. While stopping short of a comprehensive evaluation, the tracking though of the policy as it has evolved in practice identifies two key operational...
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Pursuing design excellence in a global CBD

This study injects urban design into global city discourse which frequently brushes over the micro-production of the built environment. Yet at this scale, the adaptation of design strategies and controls as a neoliberalist policy tools to shape a global city becomes apparent. The study focuses...
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The regulation of excellence: design competitions in Sydney

Drawing on a City of Sydney database, and set against the wider institutional context, this paper identifies the major characteristics of urban planning developments and key aspects of the competitive process involved in terms of timelines, participants and outcomes.