Richard Hu


New creatives are remaking Canberra’s city centre, but at a social cost

Canberra is growing as fast as anywhere in Australia. It's driven by a knowledge economy that is transforming the city centre but is also displacing poorer residents.
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Redefining migration in global Sydney

The global Sydney thesis and the migration thesis, two important dimensions of the impacts of contemporary globalisation, have been developing in parallel. In this article, we argue that the two theses are intrinsically linked. Sydney’s rise as a global city is closely associated with its...
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Pursuing design excellence in a global CBD

This study injects urban design into global city discourse which frequently brushes over the micro-production of the built environment. Yet at this scale, the adaptation of design strategies and controls as a neoliberalist policy tools to shape a global city becomes apparent. The study focuses...
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Motivations and constraints of smart work in the public sector: evidence from the Australian Capital Territory government

This study investigates attitudes towards smart work arrangements and examines the motivations and constraints in the public sector. It is based on a survey that received 300 responses across Departments in the Australian Capital Territory Government. The study indicated a high demand for smart work...
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The evolution of design excellence policy in the planning of central Sydney 2000-2016

We provide here an overview of the operation and outcomes of the competitive design policy to date within the central business district. While stopping short of a comprehensive evaluation, the tracking though of the policy as it has evolved in practice identifies two key operational...