Wendy Steele


Local government co-ordination: metropolitan governance in twenty-first century Australia

This research examines the role of local government engagement and coordination in modern Australian metropolitan governance.
Conference paper

Housing displacement in Australian cities: a Brisbane case-study

This paper explores housing insecurity and displacement within the case-study of Brisbane the impact of these factors on low to middle income households; and the implications for planning policy and practice at the metropolitan scale.
Conference paper

The cyborg city: re-thinking urban resilience through mobile communications

Using mobile communications as an example, the paper focuses on critically exploring the implications of our reliance on complex technological networks with reference to urban Australia.
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Beyond economicism: challenging the concept of the Australian global city

This paper focuses on the concern with the present paucity of multidisciplinary discussions of the idea of the “global city” and what is perceived as a need for a more critical consideration of the practical challenges in Australian urban research.
Conference paper

Climate justice in the Australian city

This paper addresses critical gaps in existing research by taking a ‘practice approach’ to how we might better support climate justice at the metropolitan scale in Australia.