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Neil Sipe


Youth in, families out: 6 charts on the inner cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

In just ten years, the inner city populations of Australia’s biggest state capitals have boomed.
Conference paper

Economic, social and spatial effect of transforming private vehicle fleet in Brisbane

Transformation of the motor vehicle fleet has been an important feature of the world’s peak car phenomenon. Very few urban transport studies have explored such important changes in large urban cities. Using an innovative green vehicle datasets constructed for 2009 and 2014, this paper investigates...
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Neighbourhood disaster resilience index: A validation in the context of Brisbane and Ipswich 2010/2011 floods

Despite the wide use of the resilience concept in urban planning and policy making, measuring this concept at neighbourhood level has not been done. In this study, a Neighbourhood Disaster Resilience Index (NDRI) is proposed with a refined set of variables for measuring neighbourhood level...
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Sustainability at the Australian local government level: Is there room for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)?

Focusing on planning practices at the local and regional levels, this paper investigates how environmental sustainability is pursued from an institutional perspective.
Conference paper

Housing displacement in Australian cities: a Brisbane case-study

This paper explores housing insecurity and displacement within the case-study of Brisbane the impact of these factors on low to middle income households; and the implications for planning policy and practice at the metropolitan scale.