Rowena Butland

Conference paper

There will always be 'winners' and 'losers': understanding perceptions of procedural justice in a contested planning landscape

This paper investigates the understanding and value of justice, specifically ‘procedural justice’ (the processes and administrative procedures relating to obtaining fair planning decisions) and its practical application.
Conference paper

Lifting the barriers: planning for increased mobility and accessibility through the Adelaide CBD

Utilising in-depth interviews, this paper explores the role of urban planning in addressing equity of movement and accessibility within the Adelaide CBD. While it was evident that there has been some consideration of disabled-people in planning, this research highlights continuing physical barriers, such as footpaths...
Conference paper

Understanding the role and expectations of local government planners in the contemporary political environment: a South Australian perspective

Abstract: Planning is a discipline constantly in transition, reflecting the economic and political ideologies of the time. These trends cause the relationship between the state and the individual to change, altering the intentions and expectations attributed to the profession. As such, planners are continually forced...