Matthew W. Rofe

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Festivals as a vehicle for place promotion: cars, contestation and the creative city ethos

The creative city proposition has proven highly attractive to policy makers and urban managers all over the world. Creative cities are construed to be dynamic places characterised by diversity, openness and tolerance. As a specific manifestation of this ethos, festivals are equally positioned temporal manifestations...
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The city of corpses? Contested urban identity and the stigma of crime in Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, has long been referred to as the City of Churches. This moniker denotes Adelaide to be a city of pious refinement and conservatism. Indeed, Adelaide’s landscape is replete with numerous and very beautiful churches. However, urban identities are...
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Memory, management and marketing: heritage tourism as a catalyst for urban transformation

World heritage status ratifies the enduring significance of a specific place for all of humanity. Inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage register not only formally recognises the local, national and international importance of place, but equally creates a range of externalities that are often construed...
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Disputes on nature-based tourism development in northern peninsular Malaysia

Nature-based tourism is an increasingly significant economic resource for developing countries. However, in such countries the development and management of nature-based tourism destinations are bedeviled by structural and operational limitations in local planning processes. The Malaysian experience provides a salient case in point. This article...
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Considering the limits of rural place making opportunities : rural dystopias and dark tourism

Tourism is viewed as the panacea for rural decline. A critical dimension of this is the recreation of rural places as spaces of consumption as opposed to agricultural production. This transition draws explicitly upon the discourse of the rural idyll, which positions rural places as...