Steve Dovers

Conference paper

Still settling cities: sustainability, governance and change

For many people, Australia was ‘settled’ soon after European occupation, through the actions of hardy, resourceful and sometime foolhardy ‘settlers’.
Conference paper

City governance rapporteur report

The theme of the 2005 State of Australian Cities national conference was the sustainability and vulnerability of Australian cities. Sustainability focuses on the economic, social and environmental realms as they are found in cities. Vulnerability deals with the economic, social and environmental risks facing cities...
Conference paper

Implications of abrupt environmental change for urban Australia

This paper summarises recent scientific work on abrupt change, with selected examples of apparent sudden shifts in environmental variables.
Conference paper

Governance, finance and accountability

This short paper an overview and partial synthesis of the papers presented in the sessions of the SOAC 2003 conference dealing with the theme of Governance, Finance and Accountability. It is intended to contribute to the process of identifying the critical policy and research issues...