Tan Yigitcanlar


Smart cities down under: performance of Australian local government areas

This report presents the findings of a study conducted at the Urban Studies Lab of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), that placed Australian local government areas under the smart city microscope to evaluate their performances. The study also generates insights for understanding the reasons behind...
Conference paper

What constitutes a sustainable urban growth management policy? A Delphi approach to develop alternative policy scenarios

The planning literature, against the backdrop of rapid urbanisation, technological advancement (automated vehicle), and climate change, tells very little about what constitutes a sustainable urban growth management policy. This research aims to address this gap through a two-round of Delphi survey involving 29 experts from...
Conference paper

An indexing model for assessing stormwater quality in the Gold Coast

This paper discusses issues affecting stormwater quality and introduces a new indexing model that is to be used in evaluation of stormwater quality in urban areas.
Conference paper

Moving towards a knowledge city: Brisbane’s knowledge-based urban development experience

This paper investigates Brisbane's urban development strategies that support generation, attraction and retention of investment and talent in knowledge-based industries.