David Hayward

Case study

Social policy during the coronavirus recession: a fairytale with an unhappy ending?

This paper is about the social policy response to the coronavirus recession in Australia, during the period from the beginning of March to the end of October 2020.

Victoria's social economy: social opportunity, economic growth

This report examines the growth of artificial intelligence and its effects on the current and future workforce, and concludes this will not replace the complex work of physical and social services delivered by humans any time soon. As other workforces diminish in the face of...

An unfair go? Government funding of government and non-government school education

Although universities are the only area of education spending solely funded by the Commonwealth, they received only one-third of the increase in education spending in this year's federal budget. Once again, argue David Hayward and Alexis Esposto, the budget shifted funds away from government education...

An unnecessary act?

The Victorian government is in the process of cutting around 300 positions from the head office of the Department of Education and Training. In this paper, David Hayward looks at why the cuts are being made and whether they are justified.
Briefing paper

The 2002/2003 Victorian state budget: How good is it for Victorian social policy?

The recent Victorian state budget received rave reviews from the social sector on the day it was brought down last month. But how good was it? asks David Hayward in his post-budget analysis for the Victorian Council of Social Service.