Terry Burke

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Australian home ownership: past reflections, future directions

This research report documents that the ‘Australian dream’ of home ownership is no longer relevant in the contemporary era. Analysis of statistical trends for Australian tenure change and comparative analysis of the direction of ownership in equivalent countries are the basis for this conclusion.

Matching markets in housing and housing assistance

This study identified five Australian housing markets that could use online technology to match highly specific ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’. The five markets considered are: swaps in public housing; disability accessible housing; low-cost private rental housing brokerage; apartment presales for low/mid income earners; and precinct-level urban...

What are the benefits and risks of home ownership for low-moderate income households?

The study emanated from a concern that popular and political support for home ownership is such that critical questions about the degree to which all home owners realise the projected financial and non-financial benefits of home ownership are rarely asked. In particular, do low-moderate income...

Rent assistance and young peoples decision making

For young people, the transition to independent living is one of the most important – and probably exciting, difficult and emotionally charged – decisions they will ever make. For most, it means severing their links with parents, home and much that they have been familiar...

Community sector offers a solid platform for fair social housing

If one is really interested in providing more housing for people on low to moderate incomes, the community sector is the way to go – not public housing, argues Terry Burke.