Fergus Pitt

Discussion paper

Depoliticising the ABC board and appointment process

In previous eras, both sides of politics made inappropriate partisan appointments to the ABC board. Despite the ‘arm’s length, merit based’ reforms made in 2013, the appointment process has once again become deeply politicised. Basic governance standards are being breached.
Discussion paper

No politics at aunty’s table: depoliticising the governance of the ABC

This discussion paper analyses the governance of the ABC, how some aspects have become political battlefields, and ways to depoliticise them.
Discussion paper

I want my ABC (and SBS and NITV): the future of national public broadcasting

Summary If a public media sector was designed in 2016 with an eye to the future, it would be different to Australia’s current one, with the ABC, SBS and National Indigenous Television (NITV). A system designed for the 21st century would not likely consist of...