Bill Browne

Discussion paper

Nothing to see here: Australia’s broken freedom of information system

The author of this paper argues that Australia’s freedom of information (FOI) system is dysfunctional and under-resourced, partly because governments prioritise protecting themselves from embarrassment over disclosing to the public the information to which it is lawfully entitled.
Discussion paper

Party platforms on corporate democracy and governance

Corporations play a major role in Australian democracy. They lobby governments for favourable policy outcomes. They make substantial donations to political parties and sometimes run overtly political advertising campaigns. This paper reviews the federal policies of political parties to identify which policies – if any...
Discussion paper

The case for truth in political advertising reform in Tasmania

This paper addresses the Tasmanian government’s objections to legislating truth in political advertising laws, as part of the review of the Electoral Act currently underway.
Discussion paper

The importance of public hearings: the case against the “exceptional circumstances” test

This paper argues that the 'exceptional circumstances' test in the Commonwealth’s National Anti-Corruption Commission Bill 2022 is unhelpful, vague and counterproductive. The test will impede the ability of the National Anti-Corruption Commission to uncover corruption and misconduct.

Woke up call: Australians’ attitudes to and perceptions of "wokeness"

The term 'woke' has its origins in African American vernacular, and has come to mean alert to racial injustice, or to social injustice more generally. With an eye towards testing another common political stereotype, the Australia Institute polled Australians to find out what they think...