Bill Browne


Woke up call: Australians’ attitudes to and perceptions of "wokeness"

The term 'woke' has its origins in African American vernacular, and has come to mean alert to racial injustice, or to social injustice more generally. With an eye towards testing another common political stereotype, the Australia Institute polled Australians to find out what they think...
Discussion paper

Between sense and nonsense: the predictive power of the electoral pendulum

This paper asks whether the electoral pendulum is a 'good guide' for election watchers and, if so, is it understood and used appropriately by the public.
Discussion paper

Bad impressions: scrutiny of government advertising

Last year, the Morrison Government spent $145.3 million on campaign advertising, a sum that exceeds the normal annual advertising spend of companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Amazon, Pepsi and Qantas. This paper argues that the current regulatory model for government advertising is clearly insufficient.
Discussion paper

Democracy agenda for the 47th Parliament of Australia: options for reform

This paper outlines reforms for consideration by parliamentarians and the Australian government. Some are well developed and long promised, and require only the political will to implement. Others still require careful consideration and development. Many would have accumulative effects, with reforms in one area making...
Briefing paper

No good deed goes unpunished: the effect of Coalition–Labor “political campaigners” amendments on charities

In the last parliamentary sitting weeks of 2021, the Morrison Government passed 'political campaigner' legislation. This briefing note explains what the laws are, how have they changed, and what the consequences might be for the charities sector.