Tony Shields

Briefing paper

Money talks: stockmarket listings of fossil fuel and electrification mineral companies

This briefing note tallies up new listings on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) over the year to 31 October 2021, outlining how many fossil fuel companies have listed compared to resource companies focused on electrification minerals.
Discussion paper

Identifying the problem: voter ID laws a solution in search of a problem

This discussion paper argues that voter ID will increase administrative complexity and cost, lead to longer queues at polling booths, and act as a further deterrent to an electorate already showing signs of disengagement with the political process.
Discussion paper

We can work it out

In 2018 Germany set up a multi-stakeholder group, the German Coal Commission. Its mission was to deliver a plan for the phase out of coal-fired power and to meet Germany’s 2030 emission reduction target. The Commission was a mechanism to negotiate the policies to end...

Norwegian cheque: who profits from oil in the Bight?

This report reveals that if Norwegian company, Equinor, is given permission to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight, it will likely pay the Norwegian government more than it will pay in Australian government taxes and up to 27 times more than they will...
Briefing paper

Coal in Kingaroy

This report argues that a coal project proposed near Kingaroy, Queensland, is unlikely to provide benefit in a local economy based on services and agriculture. It imposes uncertainty and costs on other industries and the community. Policy makers should rule the project out on economic...