Maria Karras


Law informed: the value of telephone legal information services to clients

This research assessed the value of Legal Help’s information/referral services to clients in the broader context of the Victorian legal assistance sector’s information and service provision. The service was evaluated on its reach to the community, accessibility to clients, appropriateness of services provided, client experience...

Data insights in civil justice: NSW Supreme Court

The foundation was engaged by the Department of Justice NSW to investigate the quality and utility of each court and tribunal’s data in informing policy and practice. This report focuses on Supreme Court data.

Legal Aid NSW Domestic Violence Unit: Process evaluation of the first nine months

The Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) of Legal Aid NSW began delivering services in January 2016. This evaluation involved quantitative analysis of Legal Aid NSW administrative data, and interviews and focus groups with stakeholders. It examined key questions such as whether the DVU is reaching disadvantaged...

Data insights in civil justice: NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal - Guardianship Division (NCAT Part 4)

The Department of Justice NSW is seeking to optimise the use of civil court and tribunal data for evidence-based decision-making, specifically the civil divisions of the Local, District and the Supreme Court, the Land and Environment Court and the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)...

What works? Learning from the literature

What works and at what cost? It’s a question commonly asked by funders, policy makers and practitioners, seeking to make the best use of available resources. To make informed decisions, a sensible first step is to look at what may be learned from past experience...