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Elnaz Torabi

Conference paper

Barriers and drivers to Australian water utilities’ adaptation to climate change

The water sector is increasingly facing unprecedented challenges and disruptive change, as are many other sectors of the economy. The partial privatisation of water assets is just the beginning of this process and climate change impacts will exacerbate all these challenges. Action needs to be...
Conference paper

Reorienting TOD policy in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to improve delivery of low-carbon communities

Transit Orientated Development (TOD) provides a nuanced, policy-relevant design to connect social and planning frameworks to create low-carbon communities. This form of urban development aims to co-locate sustainable housing, transport and consolidated urban forms. Fully integrated TODs offer strong potential to blend social and environmental...
Conference paper

The tide is high: evaluating climate change adaptation and disaster resilience at the local level

This paper reviews the institutional context of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts in addressing urban resilience to climate-related disasters.