Michael Howes

Conference paper

Barriers and drivers to Australian water utilities’ adaptation to climate change

The water sector is increasingly facing unprecedented challenges and disruptive change, as are many other sectors of the economy. The partial privatisation of water assets is just the beginning of this process and climate change impacts will exacerbate all these challenges. Action needs to be...
Conference paper

Alternative food networks and opportunities for transformation towards a sustainable and resilient urban food system

Food systems are suffering from pressures related to population growth, increased urbanisation, climate change, and resource scarcity. These pressures are exacerbated by globalisation, with consumers concentrated in urban areas while producers are dispersed across rural areas that are often remote or even in different countries...
Conference paper

The adaptation roller-coaster: planning for climate change on the Gold Coast, Queensland

With over half a million people, the Gold Coast is currently the sixth largest city in Australia and one of the most rapidly developing urban areas in the country. Unfortunately, it is also highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and has been hard...
Journal article

Environmental sustainability: a case of policy implementation failure?

For a generation, governments around the world have been committed to sustainable development as a policy goal. This has been supported by an array of new policies ranging from international agreements, to national strategies, environmental laws at many levels of government, regional programs, and local...
Conference paper

The tide is high: evaluating climate change adaptation and disaster resilience at the local level

This paper reviews the institutional context of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts in addressing urban resilience to climate-related disasters.