A. Idil Gaziulusoy

Journal article

Identifying and Addressing Challenges Faced by Transdisciplinary Research Teams in Climate Change Research

Transdisciplinary research is increasingly used in projects dealing with transitions to sustainable, resilient and low-carbon societies. Transdisciplinary research projects require collaboration and coordination between researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds. Academic literature provides valuable insights on designing, facilitating, leading and evaluating transdisciplinary projects.
Briefing paper

Review of System Innovation and Transition Theories

This report reviews the literature on innovation and transition theory with a view to gaining a greater understanding of the nature of innovation processes, particularly those involving disruptive change and systems transformation. The report has been commissioned by the Visions and Pathways 2040 project for...
Briefing paper

Using futures inquiry to create low-carbon, resilient urban futures: a review of practice, theory and process options for the Visions and Pathways project

This paper presents a scan of futures inquiry trends, an outline of recent advances in relevant theory, and critically reviews similar ‘transition’-focused and related projects in Europe and the United States. Five leading projects are described and examined: ‘Retrofit 2050’, ‘Urban Transition Labs’, ‘SPREAD Sustainable...

Scenarios 2040

Read the the Visions & Pathways 2040's second year project report on the potential contributions of the digital economy to low-carbon futures for Australian cities
Conference paper

Emerging approaches in business model innovation relevant to sustainability and low-carbon transitions in Australian cities

This paper provides a review of some emerging approaches that influence the development of new business models that might assist in sustainability and low-carbon transitions in cities.