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Chris Ryan

Journal article

Identifying and Addressing Challenges Faced by Transdisciplinary Research Teams in Climate Change Research

Transdisciplinary research is increasingly used in projects dealing with transitions to sustainable, resilient and low-carbon societies. Transdisciplinary research projects require collaboration and coordination between researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds. Academic literature provides valuable insights on designing, facilitating, leading and evaluating transdisciplinary projects.

Scenarios 2040

Read the the Visions & Pathways 2040's second year project report on the potential contributions of the digital economy to low-carbon futures for Australian cities
Conference paper

Visions and scenarios of low-carbon and resilient Australian cities in 2040

This paper describes the approaches that were used in the initial phases of the Visions and Pathways 2040 project and early research results. A selection of the ‘glimpses’ of possible future low-carbon, resilient city forms and their associated lifestyles are presented.

Future finance and business: potential for disruptive contributions to urban decarbonisation and resilience - expert consultation summary notes

The Visions and Pathways 2040 Expert Consultation for Future Business and Finance was part of a series of research and workshop activities aimed at identifing key disruptive forces relevant for contributing to the 2040 targets set by the project. Undertaken during June-July 2015, it involved...

Visions 2040: Glimpses of the future and critical uncertainties

The Visions & Pathways 2040 team are delighted to announce that their first report – the results of the project’s first year – is now available online and in hard-cover. The report, with results from the first year of the Visions and Pathways 2040 project...