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John Wiseman

Briefing paper

Australian and global climate change trends, risks and priorities

Despite the federal government pledge under the Paris Agreement, there is strong evidence that the climate change mitigation actions being taken by Australia are not sufficient to meet our fair share of global emissions reductions.

Coal transitions in Australia

Coal production in Australia is likely to be on a long-term declining trajectory. Export demand is a function of economic, technological and policy developments in other countries, all of which point to the likelihood of falling coal use over time, especially for steam coal.

Future finance and business: potential for disruptive contributions to urban decarbonisation and resilience - expert consultation summary notes

The Visions and Pathways 2040 Expert Consultation for Future Business and Finance was part of a series of research and workshop activities aimed at identifing key disruptive forces relevant for contributing to the 2040 targets set by the project. Undertaken during June-July 2015, it involved...

Scenarios for climate adaptation: guidebook for practitioners

The guidebook has been designed to be useful to people working in a wide variety of organisational settings including: state and local government; regional planning bodies or agencies; nongovernment organisations; businesses and industry bodies, community sector organisations and community groups.