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Salim Mazouz


Coal transitions in Australia

Coal production in Australia is likely to be on a long-term declining trajectory. Export demand is a function of economic, technological and policy developments in other countries, all of which point to the likelihood of falling coal use over time, especially for steam coal.

Could the NEG bring down power prices? It’s hard to be confident that it will

The final design of the National Energy Guarantee promises that the policy will drive down power prices. But there is precious little evidence for this assertion.

Emissions trading coalitions: leveraging emissions trading to achieve greater levels of global mitigation ambition

Australia could get more out of its carbon pricing scheme by focusing its emissions trading efforts on its neighbours rather than Europe. Carbon markets are the forefront of domestic climate policy in Australia. They are now also becoming a core question of diplomacy, as Australia...

Economic and fiscal policy strategies for climate change mitigation in Indonesia

Indonesia is seeking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26 per cent by 2020 and up to 41 percent with international assistance. This paper spells out a longer-term strategic framework, grounded in economic principle and international experience, that can guide climate policymaking. It provides...