Lauren Rickards


Climate impacts at work: supporting a climate ready workforce

All workers and all industries need to be supported to adapt to climate change. Serious impacts are evident now and are escalating rapidly. This report presents the first worker-centric analysis of climate change impacts.

On the frontline: climate change and regional communities

This report focuses on how climate change is affecting, and will continue to affect rural communities that are largely reliant on primary agricultural production.

Growing the social life of soil

Combined with the issue of the deepening drought in many regions, the time has clearly come to think seriously about the dirt we live on and off.

When being part of the solution is being part of the problem

The recent election in Australia demonstrated, yet again, the urgent need for research and debate to inform, inspire and challenge public policy. Improving our understanding of the great problems facing society is an ongoing imperative for academics.

Scenarios for climate adaptation: guidebook for practitioners

The guidebook has been designed to be useful to people working in a wide variety of organisational settings including: state and local government; regional planning bodies or agencies; nongovernment organisations; businesses and industry bodies, community sector organisations and community groups.