Peter Thompson

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Peter A. Thompson

MediaWorks television: death of a thousand cuts?

MediaWorks’ announcements in October 2019 that it intended to sell off its struggling television business and cancel or cut back on several popular local programmes.This paper critically assesses MediaWorks’ claims and suggests that its diagnoses of the market challenges it faces are being shaped by...
Journal article

Restoring civic values to the news media ecology

The emergence of converged digital media platforms has seen a proliferation of new services, but also a disruption to value chains and business models, especially in a small, highly deregulated media market like New Zealand’s. Although consumer choice has expanded in some respects (e.g. subscriber...

Government as a social machine - the implications of government as a social machine for making and implementing market-based policy

This is the second of two reports from the Government as a Social Machine project. The first report gave an overview of the evolution of electronic/digital government, and explored the concept of 21st century government as a 'social machine'.