Dan Cass

Discussion paper

Fighting for the ARENA: securing the Australian Renewable Energy Agency

The Commonwealth Government has made technology central to reducing emissions to 2030, but the Australian Renewable Energy Agency has only $200 million to allocate to new projects. With multi-party support for the Agency, this paper argues that legislation to extend its funding should be urgently...
Discussion paper

Class ACT: how the Australian Capital Territory became a global energy leader

The ACT will soon become the first Australian jurisdiction to achieve a transition from a fossil fuel-based supply to 100% renewable electricity. Just seven other jurisdictions have achieved this, in Germany, Austria and Spain.
Discussion paper

Keeping up with the competition: global trend to demand response

This paper outlines how the world’s major electricity markets are opening up to demand response competition, which will benefit consumers with lower prices and help maintain reliability.

Saved by the bench: how the Senate crossbench saved Australia’s renewable energy industry

This research shows the Senate crossbench safeguarded $23.4 billion worth of investment in renewable energy from 2013–2018, when it prevented the Coalition Government from abolishing three renewable energy policies (the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, ARENA and the Renewable Energy Target).
Briefing paper

Tickets on themselves: How energy retailers could use movie tickets and other tricks to rip off consumers under draft electricity rule changes

This briefing note explains how a federal government proposal to protect households from high power prices is being undermined by the official electricity rule-setting body.