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Philip Dorling


Easytax resurrected: a look at One Nation’s economic and taxation policies

Pauline Hanson's February 2017 announcement that One Nation will again campaign for a flat-rate 2 per cent turnover tax takes her back to a policy position she first adopted nearly two decades ago.Initial analysis suggests that a shift from the current taxation mix to a...

The American far-right origins of Pauline Hanson’s views on Islam

Overview In the context of One Nation’s presence in the Australian Senate, indications of increased voter support for the party and wider populist trends in the United States and Europe, Australians need to understand One Nation’s world view – especially where the party’s ideas come...

The corporatisation of Pine Gap

The Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, located just outside the town of Alice Springs in Central Australia and managed by the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), is one of the largest U.S. technical intelligence collection facilities in the world. The corporate presence at Pine Gap...