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M. Scott Donald

Working paper

Independence and the governance of superannuation funds

For many years independence has been the catch-cry of policy-makers, regulators and legislators concerned with the corporate governance of listed companies. In Australia, drawing on this model, there has been an increased focus on independence in the context of superannuation fund governance arrangements. As the...
Working paper

Delegation, trust and defaulting in retirement savings: Perspectives from plan executives and members

We combine survey data from retirement plan members with information from interviews with plan executives to get both perspectives on who accepts the default plan and default investment option and why. We use a natural experiment in default construction where a new regulatory framework required...
Working paper

MySuper: A Stage in an Evolutionary Process

We interview Australian fund executives about how their organisations responded to MySuper, a regulatory framework for default retirement savings funds that providers were required to have in place by the beginning of 2014. In addition to providing an account of the influences on product design...
Working paper

The superannuation system and its regulation: views from fund executives

This paper summarizes views on the superannuation system and its regulation collected through interviews of fund executives.
Working paper

The implications of complexity for systemic risk in the superannuation system

The funds, entities and regulators involved in the superannuation industry together comprise a system that is complex and dynamic. The differentiation between roles and the distribution of responsibility offers the system as a whole resilience against local failure. However the interconnections that bind and constitute...