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Damon Muller


Constitutional referendums in Australia: a quick guide

This guide offers a general overview of some of the rules and processes involved when conducting a national referendum in Australia.

Election funding and disclosure in Australian jurisdictions: a quick guide - February 2022 update

This guide summarises the complex funding and disclosure laws federally, and in each Australian state and territory. This document does not attempt to capture every nuance of each system and is not a substitute for legal advice. The analysis separates out donations and electoral expenditure...

The 2020 Northern Territory election: a quick guide

The 2020 Northern Territory (NT) election was held on 22 August 2020. It was the first Australian state or territory election held during the COVID-19 pandemic. This quick guide summarises the election and its results, and the political context in the lead up to the...

The 2019 federal election

This paper provides an overview of the 2019 federal election, including the results, the political environment, and the major features of the campaign.
Blog post

Online political communication—does this post need to be authorised?

While it seems unlikely that unaware members of the public will face big fines from the AEC for their political Facebook posts, voters, donors and campaigners should familiarise themselves with the new rules, writes Damon Muller.