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This paper provides an overview of the 2019 federal election. This includes the political and electoral context in which the election occurred, the results in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the timing of the election and the election campaign. The paper also discusses key democratic indicators such as early voting, campaign spending, and electoral participation.

Held on Saturday 18 May 2019, the 2019 federal election returned Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Cook, NSW) and the Liberal-National Coalition to government with a majority of 77 of the 151 seats in the House of Representatives. The result meant that Mr Morrison was the third Liberal Prime Minister since the 2013 federal election when Tony Abbott won government from a minority Labor Government. The Coalition was widely expected to lose the 2019 election, having trailed the Labor Opposition, led by Bill Shorten (Maribyrnong, Vic.), in the polls for almost the entire parliamentary term.

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