Anna Sullivan

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Anna M. Sullivan

Refugee education in Australian secondary schools: an overview of current practices

This report outlines findings from an Australian study of school practices which aimed to promote the wellbeing and academic development of refugee students.
Briefing paper

School exclusionary practices in Australia

Each Australian state and territory has its own legislation and policies which define and guide the use of exclusionary practices. Despite similarities about how exclusionary practices are described and applied across Australia, there are some key differences between them.

Improving educational outcomes for students from refugee backgrounds in the South Australian Certificate of Education project

While this project was based on two case study schools, the practices described in the framework can be used by all schools supporting students from refugee backgrounds who are undertaking their senior secondary school certificate of education.

Teachers' vews on student behaviours in the classroom: behaviour at school study - report overview

This report has provided the results of a survey of teachers in South Australian primary and middle/secondary schools on the types of behaviours demonstrated by students in the previous week of their teaching. We have reported data on school characteristics such as school size, level...
Technical report

Punish them or engage them? Teachers’ views on student behaviours around the school (2)

This report presents findings from an ARC Linkage Study, titled ‘Punish them or engage them? Identifying and encountering productive and unproductive student behaviours in South Australian schools’ (LP110100317), more commonly referred to as the Behaviour at School Study (BaSS). This second report focuses on teachers’...