Helen Ross

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The components of resilience: perceptions of an Australian rural community

Resilience, of individuals, is a well-established concept in the psychology/mental health literatures, but has been little explored in relation to communities. Related theory in the community development and social impact assessment literature provides insight into qualities and assets of communities that enable them to develop...
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Social Learning through Participatory Integrated Catchment Risk Assessment in the Solomon Islands

In developed countries a social learning approach has been shown to support Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) by fostering stakeholders' understanding of system complexity, recognition of mutual dependence, appreciation of others' perspectives, and development of the capacity to work together and to create mutual trust...
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Participatory Development of a Bayesian Network Model for Catchment-based Water Resource Management

A participatory approach was used to develop a Bayesian network model for assisting integration of water resource management in the Kongulai catchment in the Solomon Islands. This catchment provides 40-60% of the water for Honiara, the capital, and management is complex, with sparse data and...
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Mental Models: An Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Theory and Methods

Mental models are personal, internal representations of external reality that people use to interact with the world around them. They are constructed by individuals based on their unique life experiences, perceptions, and understandings of the world. Mental models are used to reason and make decisions...