Brian Head

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Brian W. Head

Wicked problems in public policy: understanding and responding to complex challenges

This book offers the first overview of the ‘wicked problems’ literature, often seen as complex, open-ended and intractable, with both the nature of the ‘problem’ and the preferred ‘solution’ being strongly contested. It contextualises the debate using a wide range of relevant policy examples, explaining...

Learning policy, doing policy

This publication explores how policy theory is understood by practitioners and how it influences their practice. The book brings together insights from research, teaching and practice on an issue that has so far been understudied. Contributors include Australian and international policy scholars, and current and...
Discussion paper

Water, sanitation and hygeine in remote Indigenous Australia: a scan of priorities

This discussion paper presents a scan of the current status of water, sanitation and hygiene services and challenges in remote Australian Indigenous communities.
Briefing paper

Social sciences: understanding policy impacts - background paper

This paper surveys the debates about the relevance of the social sciences, and how to understand and better communicate their various types of impact.
Discussion paper

Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals for water and beyond

This trans-disciplinary discussion paper considers Australia’s efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Australia and within the broader Asia-Pacific region.