Melissa Sweet


Can cities and towns make us healthier?

With state and federal governments focused on big-ticket medical spending, can local initiatives fill the gaps?

Sometimes, less is more

A growing movement among US healthcare professionals is arguing that medical treatment can cause more harm than good, reports Melissa Sweet.

"It’s much more fun in general practice..."

Talk about health policy reform often loses sight of the people in the system and their stories. For Inside Story, Melissa Sweet watches two GPs in action.

Intensive glare

The British government has shown some of the vision we lack in health policy, writes Melissa Sweet in The Drum YOU MAY NOT have heard of it, but an important report was released in England last week that should be required reading for all politicians...

Swine flu, vaccination and other matters of trust

In Inside Story, Melissa Sweet looks at the latest chapter in the debate about swine flu and its implications for public health campaigns WHO DO you trust when it comes to advice about swine flu, and whether you or members of your family should be...