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Denny Meyer


Teachers’ and principals’ application of positive psychology strategies: impacts on wellbeing, professional practice and student learning

This report presents the findings of a novel Australian study whereby Australian teachers’ and principals’ used four positive psychology strategies in their daily professional practice.
Journal article

Becoming urban: exploring the transformative capacity for a suburban-to-urban transition in Australia’s low-density cities

Metropolitan planning and development of Australia’s cities has been strongly influenced by what could be termed the “North American model” of low-density, car-dependent suburban development on greenfield master-planned housing estates. But this is all set to change.
Journal article

Highs and lows, ups and downs: meteorology and mood in bipolar disorder

This article adds a novel perspective to the literature by investigating specific meteorological factors such as atmospheric pressure, hours of sunshine, relative humidity, and daily maximum and minimum temperatures as more proximal predictors of self-reported daily mood change in people diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Journal article

Exploring the attitudes-action gap in household resource consumption: does “environmental lifestyle” segmentation align with consumer behaviour?

Consumption is a transcending challenge for the 21st century that is stimulating research on multiple pathways required to deliver a more environmentally sustainable future. This paper is nested in what is a much larger field of research on sustainable consumption and reports on part of...