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James Ogloff

Alternate Name:
James R.P. Ogloff

Aboriginal prisoners with cognitive impairment: Is this the highest risk group?

This study sought to examine the prevalence of cognitive impairment in a representative sample of Indigenous offenders from Victorian prisons.

Youth justice review and strategy: meeting needs and reducing offending

This review is intended to guide the strategy to strengthen and modernise Victoria’s youth justice system.

Child sexual abuse and subsequent offending and victimisation: A 45 year follow-up study

This study investigates whether a disproportionate number of CSA victims subsequently perpetrate offences and experience future victimisation compared with people who have not been sexually abused. In a sample of 2,759 CSA victims who were abused between 1964 and 1995, it was found CSA victims...

The identification of mental disorders in the criminal justice system.

Results of a Criminology Research Council funded study argues for a nationwide system of screening of all accused offenders taken into police custody to identify those who require a comprehensive mental health assessment. Cross-agency communication also needs to be encouraged and further developed, and training...