Leanne Minshull

Discussion paper

Tasmanian design principles for fiscal policy in the pandemic

The Australia Institute has released this discussion paper looking at how key economic criteria can be used to assess the effectiveness of future stimulus measures in Tasmania.
Discussion paper

Parliamentary scrutiny during the COVID-19 crisis in Tasmania

This paper argues that in these unprecedented times, it is not just economic policy and health policy that requires creativity and innovation; our democratic structures need to be similarly responsive.
Briefing paper

Coal calling: selling new coal mines to Tasmania

Several market and physical challenges exist for a new proposed coal development in Tasmania’s southern midlands, according to this briefing paper released by the Australia Institute.
Discussion paper

Making mountains out of minnows: salmon in the Tasmanian economy

The Tasmanian government may have forgone millions of dollars in potential revenue from the rapid growth in the fish farming industry, according to this report.
Discussion paper

Pokies pub test: discussion paper

Australians lose more money gambling than anyone else in the world. The number, variety and distribution of gaming machines in Australia is therefore key to understanding our relationship with gambling.
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