Hilary Charlesworth


Strengthening the rule of law through the United Nations Security Council

These Policy Proposals are the product of a three-year Australian Research Council-funded project on ‘Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council’. The project is a collaboration between the Australian National University’s Centre for International Governance and Justice and the Australian Government’s Australian...

No liberation: women and the new wave of democracies

Since the end of the Cold War, much international attention has been devoted to building democracies to replace authoritarian regimes. East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq and last year’s Arab Spring are examples of this movement. But women seem to be the consistent losers in the new...

Reconciliation and architectures of commitment

Following a bloody civil war, peace consolidated slowly and sequentially in Bougainville, and there is much to learn from this distinctively indigenous peace architecture. Following a bloody civil war, peace consolidated slowly and sequentially in Bougainville. That sequence was of both a top-down architecture of...
Discussion paper

Human rights: Australia versus the UN

Australia prides itself on being a 'good international citizen'. But how does Australia fare with regard to human rights from an international perspective asks Hilary Charlesworth. It is a party to all major human rights treaties and yet reluctant to make them work at a...

The challenge of United Nations reform

The international community founded the United Nations in 1945 as the centrepiece of an ambitious institutional strategy to prevent the recurrence of world war, global depression, and massive humanitarian crises. Sixty years later the world is again confronting multiple governance challenges, none of which can...