John Mitchell


Precinct information modelling: outcomes report

The work undertaken in the CRCLCL PIM Project (RP2011) was presented at an Industry Symposium on 15 September 2017. The aim was to demonstrate how Precinct Information Modelling (PIM), based on an open information exchange standard, can enable more effective urban planning, design and management...
Position paper

Precinct Information Modelling – position paper

Precinct Information Modelling (PIM) describes the process of creating a 3D digital model at the scale of a precinct, defined as any area of the built environment that is of interest for some practical purpose. As such, it describes an activity where all the information...
Journal article

Proposal for an open data model schema for precinct-scale information management

This paper reports on a project currently underway to investigate how an open exchange standard for modelling information at the scale of an urban precinct can be used to support integrated solutions to achieve low carbon targets in the built environment. The project is part...

Precinct Information Modelling – project progress report

This report outlines the scope and progress of work that has been undertaken as part of the PIM Project for the CRC for Low Carbon Living. It is recognised that the project has suffered setbacks in its collaboration with other CRC projects, but the report...
Technical report

Precinct Information Modelling technical investigations: precinct information schema

This technical investigation presents the precinct information (PIM) data schema. The schema is an extension of the current IFC data schema that is used widely for building works. Apart from buildings, precincts also contain infrastructure objects such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, and outdoor civic...