Denis Muller


It will be money, not morality, that finally turns the tide on Alan Jones

The broadcaster's latest outrage may finally make his employer act - but not because of any damage he is doing to the social fabric.

In crime reporting, we should ask better questions about the relevance of religion and ethnicity

Media reporting on a series of violent incidents in Melbourne raises a difficult question: in what circumstances is it ethically justifiable to include information about a perpetrator’s ethnicity or religion?

A modern tragedy: Nine-Fairfax merger a disaster for quality media

If ever there was a time of grief for journalism in Australia, it is today, with the announcement that Nine Entertainment is taking over Fairfax Media.

Why the ABC, and the public that trusts it, must stand firm against threats to its editorial independence

Editorial independence is hard won and under constant pressure from outside the newsroom. In public-sector broadcasting, the pressure comes from the federal government, which provides the funding and has powerful means of subjecting the broadcaster to intense political pressure, writes Denis Muller.

Barnaby Joyce’s decision to sell his story is a breach of professional ethics

Barnaby Joyce’s decision to accept money from Channel Seven in return for giving an interview about his relationship with his former staffer, Vikki Campion, calls into question his fitness for public office.