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Fiona J. Andrews

Conference paper

Facilitators of social connectedness in new outer suburban communities

Social connectedness increases physical and psychological wellbeing, reducing rates of morbidity and mortality. New communities, on the fringe of Australian cities, have residents who are at particular risk of social isolation, making it important to identify facilitators of social connectedness that could be utilised in...
Conference paper

Designing high density, inner city, residential developments for families with young children: a review of evidence for best practise

There are currently many families with young children living in inner city Melbourne, in high density apartment buildings designed for singles or couples without children, which has significant implications for children’s health and development. This literature review formed part of a wider research project with...
Conference paper

Using Photovoice to research the experiences of parents raising children in new, inner-city, higher density housing developments

Traditionally, parents have moved to low density, middle and outer suburbs of Australian cities to raise their children. However census data shows that between 2001 and 2011, the number of families raising children in inner-city, higher density, suburbs has increased. Many of these suburbs are...
Conference paper

Ships, planes and automobiles - the perils and pluses of place-making in an outer Melbourne suburb

This paper reports on a sample of resident experiences of place-making in outer suburban Melbourne which highlights some of the local complexities of making a place.
Conference paper

A good place to raise a family? Comparing parents', service providers, and media perspectives of the inner and outer suburban areas of Melbourne

In Australia, the suburbs have historically been the favoured place to raise children. However this is being challenged both by social change and government policy encouraging innerurban renewal. This paper examines how inner-urban areas compare with more traditional suburban locations as places to raise a...