Gerard Newman


House of Representatives by-elections 1901–2008

This paper details House of Representatives by-elections held from 14 September 1901 (Darling Downs) to 6 September 2008 (Lyne and Mayo), a period during which there were 144 by-elections, an average of 3.5 per parliament. The number of nominations has grown over the years from...

Electoral systems

Introduction The Parliamentary Library has decided to republish the paper on electoral systems written in 1989 by Gerard Newman. The paper is concerned with the mechanics of translating votes into seats as well as the consequences of using particular systems. It does not cover other...

Possible electoral redistributions during the 41st Parliament: an update

With the release of the March quarter 2005 population estimates by the Australian Statistician on Thursday 22 September 2005, the Australian Electoral Commissioner now has the information needed to determine the representation entitlements for the states and territories. Gerard Newman and Stephen Barber look at...

House of Representatives by-elections 1901-2005

In this revised research brief Gerard Newman discusses the 141 by-elections for the House of Representatives since Federation, including the most recent for the New South Wales division of Werriwa. Appendices give a full set of by-election figures.

Possible electoral redistributions during the 41st parliament

Based on a continuation of current population growth patterns and the current parliament serving its full term, redistributions will be held in the ACT and are likely to be held in New South Wales and Queensland during the life of the Parliament. Gerard Newman discusses...