Scott C. Bennett


House of Representatives fixed terms: the barriers to implementation

As leader of the opposition before the 2007 election, and now as prime minister, Kevin Rudd promised that a constitutional referendum to introduce fixed House terms would be held on the same day as the next Commonwealth election. The fact that Australian prime ministers have...

The rise of the Australian Greens

This paper discusses the electoral support that Australian Greens candidates have developed, including issues such as the emergence of environmental politics in historical context, and the question whether the Australian Greens will ever be more than an important ‘third force’ in Australian politics.

House of Representatives by-elections 1901–2008

This paper details House of Representatives by-elections held from 14 September 1901 (Darling Downs) to 6 September 2008 (Lyne and Mayo), a period during which there were 144 by-elections, an average of 3.5 per parliament.

Commonwealth election 2007

This research paper is in two parts. Part one is a narrative discussion of the election campaign and the election outcome. Part two comprises a comprehensive set of statistics, including vote summaries, electoral division details, two-party preferred figures and the party strengths in the new...

Specific purpose payments and the Australian federal system

A feature of Australia’s federal system is that power over spending and policy-making is becoming increasingly concentrated in the Commonwealth. One major way this power is exercised through specific purpose payments by the Commonwealth to the states in areas such as health and education.Specific purpose...