Richard Webb


Fossil fuel taxes

This paper identifies the fuels that are taxed, the forms that the taxes take and, where possible, quantifies the amounts collected. There are various estimates of the value of government subsidies to fossil fuels in Australia. These estimates range from around $8 billion to $12...
Briefing paper

Aviation white paper: an overview

On 16 December 2009, the Government released its aviation white paper. This is the most comprehensive statement of the Government’s aviation policy. The white paper followed the release of the aviation green paper on 2 December 2008, and an earlier issues paper titled Towards a...

Economic effects of payroll tax

Calls to abolish or modify payroll tax are often heard. For example, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called for the abolition of payroll tax as part of wider tax reform. While several reasons are cited for abolishing or modifying payroll tax, a...

The economic effects of an ethanol mandate

Summary High oil prices, increased reliance on imported oil, and environmental concerns have led to calls for mandating the blending of domestically-produced ethanol with petrol (‘fuel ethanol’). The most common proposal is for a blend with 10 per cent by volume of ethanol (E10). Mandate...

Specific purpose payments and the Australian federal system

A feature of Australia’s federal system is that power over spending and policy-making is becoming increasingly concentrated in the Commonwealth. One major way this power is exercised through specific purpose payments by the Commonwealth to the states in areas such as health and education.Specific purpose...