Caroline Neske


Older persons in public housing: the policy and management issues

This report identifies emerging policy and management issues for public housing providers and for Commonwealth and state/territory governments as older people in public housing seek to age in place.At the 2001 Census, 102,735 older persons (aged 65 years or more) were housed in 87,940 public...

Experiencing the housing affordability problem: blocked aspirations, trade-offs and financial hardships

This paper focuses on the actual experience of housing affordability, revealing how deeply the problem cuts into the financial and general wellbeing of renters.

Which households eligible for public housing do not apply and why?

Terry Burke, Caroline Neske and Liss Ralston surveyed two groups of low-income households: those who had applied for public housing and those who had not, to examine the characteristics of these two groups and the reasons for their housing decisions.