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David Hume


Public policy and private agreements

A recent High Court judgment clarifies the implementation of privatisations and public-private partnerships, writes David Hume for APO.

Offshore processing: has the bar been lifted?

The High Court recently handed down a judgment that may have significant implications for offshore processing of asylum seekers, a key policy of both Labor and the Coalition.

Asylum and the High Court

David Hume reflects upon a May 2010 High Court decision, where a divided High Court set a high bar for those seeking to challenge refugee decisions on the basis that they are irrational or illogical.

Islands of power?

The High Court has rejected the view that a state-appointed decision maker’s conduct can be immune from review, writes David Hume in this article for APO.

Mail proposal goes 'beyond the pale'

Federal parliament will soon debate a law that conjures up modern-day images of Big Brother, according to George Williams and David Hume. The Bill will allow the government to read private emails, SMSs and other stored communications without the knowledge of the sender or receiver...