Measuring progress in Queensland's remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

This paper provides a first step at measuring and communicating progress in Queensland's discrete Indigenous communities. The framework in this paper is intended to illustrate an approach to measuring progress that can be further subdivided to provide a more detailed analysis of the key drivers...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation targets in intergovernmental agreements

The audit objective was to assess the effectiveness of the administration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation targets in intergovernmental funding agreements in achieving policy objectives.
Policy report

Indigenous Australians and the COVID-19 crisis: perspectives on public policy

This resource is a compilation of eight short papers that have been written during the rapid escalation of the Australian response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Working paper

Aboriginal peoples and the response to the 2019-2020 bushfires

This paper presents some initial information about the Aboriginal population that has been affected by the 2019–2020 bushfires.

We nurture our culture for our future, and our culture nurtures us

When Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are in control of the decisions that affect their lives, they have better health and wellbeing. This report calls on governments and policy makers to adopt the changes needed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination and...

Everyone together: Aboriginal affairs strategy 2019-2029

The strategy has been designed as a blueprint for government agencies to put Aboriginal people at the centre of policy design and delivery, and to empower communities to determine their own futures.

The Nargneit Birrang framework: Aboriginal holistic healing framework for family violence

The Nargneit Birrang Framework has been developed in response to the Victorian Government’s intent to develop an Aboriginal-led and co-designed statewide family violence holistic healing approach for Aboriginal communities across the state.

Review of the two national Indigenous specific primary health care datasets

The Commonwealth Department of Health commissioned the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to undertake a comprehensive review of the Online Services Report and the National Key Performance Indicators. This report summarises the outcomes of that review.

Creating change through partnerships

Genuine partnerships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and non Indigenous service providers are important to support an environment in which First Nations communities can work towards self-determination – the collective right of peoples to determine and control their own destiny.

Closing the gap: report 2020

The Commonwealth Government has delivered an annual report on progress on Closing the Gap since the National Indigenous Reform Agreement was established. This report points to the future, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people share ownership to improve life outcomes for current and future...