Torres Strait Islanders

Journal article

Bias against Indigenous Australians: Implicit Association Test results for Australia

This paper explores previously unpublished data that attempts to measure the implicit biases that Australians may hold against Indigenous peoples.
Journal article

The case for a Torres Strait Islander‐driven, long‐term research agenda for environment, health and wellbeing

This article proposes strategies to manage complex challenges regarding positive health for Torres Strait Islanders.

Future Options for North Australia

Anticipating the future is uniquely human. We strive constantly to anticipate trends and great events to seek opportunity and avoid disaster. So what will drive the future of tropical Australia? The four authors of this book, all of whom have a close association with the...

Torres Strait Island Regional Council Community Plan 2009-2029

The Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC), in partnership with communities, key state and commonwealth agencies has developed this document to help shape the direction and future of Council for 20 years.As a result of years of consultation and research, the Community Plan is a...

Corporate plan - Bisnis Plan: 2020-2025

Torres Strait Island Regional Council's Corporate Plan (2020-2025), provides an executable framework for consultation with each of their 15 communities, and ultimately leading to a strategic focus areas of people, sustainability and prosperity.

Online safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women living in urban areas

This research found that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women do not experience substantially different impacts of technology-facilitated abuse from those felt by other women. However, some impacts appear to be amplified due to cultural or community factors.
Position paper

Establishment of a national commissioner for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people

This position paper outlines the core components required for the establishment of a National Commissioner for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people.

Links between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and wellbeing: what the evidence says

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples believe there to be a strong link between culture, health and wellbeing. This report explores what has been written about these links. This report highlights the complicated links between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and wellbeing which operate...

Timeline of trauma and healing in Australia

This timeline looks at some of the events, trauma and healing that’s taken place in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities over the last two and a half centuries. The dates in this timeline are a selection representing the breadth of events that have occurred...

Torres Strait regional biosecurity plan 2018-2023

Torres Strait Regional Authority with other Torres Strait organisations has collaboratively developed this Regional Biosecurity Plan. The plan has been the culmination of extensive consultation with Torres Strait and NPARC communities, Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate, all levels of government and research providers.