Evidence-based policy

Alternate Term Label:
Evidence informed policy
Briefing paper

Enlisting the support of trusted cue-givers to tackle public policy challenges

While many governments already do rely on public health experts for advice and public messaging in health policy-making, studies such as this one provide experimentally validated evidence for the efficacy of involving trusted sources in health policy development, as well as public communication about health-saving...
Working paper

Why parenting matters for children in the 21st century

This paper provides a structured overview of the existing parenting literature, with the aim of developing an evidence-based and culture-sensitive framework of parenting and its influence on child development.

A practical guide for establishing an evidence centre

Since 2013, Nesta and the Alliance for Useful Evidence have supported the development of more than eight evidence centres. This report draws on insight from their experience, published material and interviews with senior leaders from a range of evidence intermediaries.

COVID-19: a living systematic map of the evidence

The EPPI-Centre is committed to informing policy and professional practice with sound evidence. In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, the EPPI-Centre is maintaining an up-to-date map of the current evidence that the project team members partition into broad domains for easy exploration.
Blog post

Beware the well-intentioned advice of unusually successful academics

There is a wealth of advice and ‘how to’ guides available to academics on the subject of how research can have an impact on policy and practice. In this post, Kathryn Oliver and Paul Cairney assess the value of this literature.

Evidence based policy research project: 20 case studies 2019

The aim of this project was to coax more evidence-based policy decisions by all tiers of government by reviewing and rating 20 high profile government decisions against the Wiltshire business case criteria. This report outlines the IPA's contribution to the debate.

Evidence based policy research project: 20 case studies 2019

This report is part of the Evidence Based Policy Analysis Project, administered by the newDemocracy Foundation, and now in its second year. This report outlines Per Capita's contribution to the debate.
Journal article

Ten ways to optimise evidence-based policy

This article presents ten considerations for optimising evidence-based policy, drawn from experience in delivering applied behaviour change research to government.

Sydney lockout laws review highlights vital role of transparent data analysis

The danger in not explaining, quantifying and reporting uncertainty is that the public loses trust in data-driven policymaking.

Policy success and failure: embedding effective learning in government

The focus on the effectiveness of policy delivery by modern governments has thrust questions of policy success and failure firmly into the spotlight. But how do policy-makers interpret and learn from policy successes and failures? This report provides some answers.