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Evaluation of early childhood schools and the Koori preschool program

This evaluation has identified a number of areas for future focus to continue to strengthen the provision of quality early childhood education in Early Childhood Schools and the Koori Preschool Program.
Working paper

What's in it for Koories? Barwon Darling Alliance Credit Union and the delivery of financial and banking services in north-west New South Wales

Issues relating to Indigenous people's access to, and understanding of banking and other financial services are critical to their ability to participate in the economy, thereby improving their general quality of life and in the longer term, assisting in the reduction of welfare dependence. Indigenous...

We can like research .. in Koori hands: a community report on Onemda Vichealth Koori Health Unit's research workshops in 2007

This report provides the background to four Koori community workshops in Victorian regional centres in 2007, and documents the participants' views on Koori health research and barriers to Koori community-controlled research.
Journal article

Koori community-directed health promotion in the Goulburn Valley

This paper describes a health promotion program conducted within the Koori community of the Goulburn- Murray region of northern Victoria. The program was community-directed, state-funded and involved university researchers. It comprised three separate but related activities devised and carried out within a participatory action research...

Always was, always will be Koori Children

This report has been published by the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) Victoria. It documents the findings of Taskforce 1000, which was an eighteen month project that critically reviewed the case plans and circumstances of 980 Aboriginal children in out-of-home care in Victoria.

Unfinished business: Koori women and the justice system

Executive summary Koori women make up the fastest growing segment of the Victorian prison population. They are currently being incarcerated at a much higher rate than both non-Koori women and Koori men.

Sentencing in the Koori Court division of the magistrates' court: a statistical report

This report, the first of two on the sentencing of Indigenous people in Victoria, presents a descriptive profile of the Koori Court. In 1991, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody reported that Indigenous people were significantly over-represented in police custody, prisons and juvenile...

An overview of statutory and administrative datasets: describing the health of Victoria’s Aboriginal infants, children and young people

This report, the first from the Victorian Aboriginal Child Mortality Study 1988-2008, investigates population-based administrative and statutory datasets that collect information describing the health of Victoria's Aboriginal (and non-Aboriginal) infants, children and young people. Co-author Jane Freemantle discusses the report here with the Australian's Milanda...